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.For 13 years I have been photographing this event in Springfield, Ohio. It is a bunch of young people who love horses. It is a good way to work the horses and learn a lot more about riding properly. I do this just for fun and everyone enjoys the pictures when they are posted on facebook. The riders have fun, I have fun, and the spectators enjoy a day of action out in the open air. Money and photography will be the subject of a future post but in this case it is all about doing it just because. This kind of photography is much like other sports photography, you have to pay attention, try new angles, and get as close as is safe depending on the event. When it is bright like this a 5.6 f stop lens is fine, I am trying for 1/750th of a second shutter speed to keep the movement clear. The farm's owners feed me at a nice restaurant after the event and I watch all of the horse trailers drive off of the farm. When I get home there are 6 hours of post processing to be done before all of the pictures wind up on facebook. In a future posting I will elaborate on my views about post processing. I would encourage everyone to find an annual project that you can get excited about, it just gives you one more thing to look forward to during the year. Gary

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